Dave McKean

Łódź Comics Festival


I was lucky enough to be invited, the weekend before last, along with a host of other Brit and international comics talent, to the Łódź (pronounced Woodge!) Comics Festival in Poland. Many thanks to the organisers Adam, Aneta and Dominika, as well as the many wonderful translators and guides, including Tym, Sandra, Bartek (and all the others whose names my vodka addled brain can’t remember just now) who made the trip extra special. Here’s some photos…

It was also nice to be included alongside such a sterling crew of comics talent, from Glenn Fabry, Simon Bisley, Melinda Gebbie, John McCrea, Cameron Stewart (who inked Deadenders all those years ago), Dave Mckean, amongst others, and comics sage overlord, Paul Gravett.

And final thanks to the many fans (yes, you heard right!) who got me to sign and scribble in their copies of the Polish translation of Incognegro and numerous Vertigo titles.

The highlight of the weekend, though, still has to be John McCrea’s Bez impersonation on the drawing contest stage. If you want to know what Comic artists are best at, check the link http://bit.ly/T3JbNJ