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  1. Thanks Sam, that’s a really interesting article which more or less states how I feel about the whole idea of motion comics; a lot of potential, but not really there yet.
    Couldn’t get the itunes link because of some UK/US thing (?), but I’ll keep trying.

  2. I looked at “N”, the S King “dramatised online comic”. It’s impressive and certainly attractive, but at the same time it makes me wonder why it’s not simply an animated short?

    It’s like a halfway house. I would say it is actually an animated short rather than an “online comic”. An animated short that uses stills and the illusion of panning over a still space. An interesting idea and technique, but I read it as a very slow animation, suspense.

    It’s still a totally different experience to the comic reading experience, where you can scan the page with your eyes and take the story in in your own pace and order!

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