Life Sucks

“This hilarious tale strikes perilously close to the reality of the slacker twenty-something life…. plenty of attitude and just enough snark… A really fun read!” —Booklist

Life sucks for Dave Marshall.

The girl he’s in love with doesn’t know he exists, he hates his job, and ever since his boss turned him into a vampire, he can’t go out in daylight without starting to charbroil.

Undead life in its uncoolest incarnation yet is on display in this cinematic, supernatural drama told with gallons of humor and hemoglobin.  In striking, colorful, B-movie style artwork and light-hearted, intelligent writing by Jessica Abel, Gabe Soria, and Warren Pleece, Dave Marshall’s story comes alive – in a vampiric kind of way.

Colouring by Hilary Sycamore

Published by First Second Books and Square Fish

Copyright © 2008 Jessica Abel  Art © copyright 2008 Warren Pleece