Here’s some live “net art” from French artist Emmanuel Guibert promoting the English translation of his graphic novel Alan’s War. Nice.

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Following on from Tuesday’s seminar on what is Here’s a couple of links to my choices, though, to be honest, I can’t single out one being less worthy than the other. I wanted to include them because for me they represent a possible discussion as to what “art” on the internet can be. From the gist of Tuesday’s seminar, it seemed to me that the definition put forward of what is, is art with a capital A, the art of experimentation, art in galleries (virtual), “important”, challenging and innovative, though maybe also the art of the elite and possibly inaccessible to many . So called commercial art can also be challenging and innovative within it’s own apparent boundaries. Being an illustrator of comic books and graphic novels, I’m obviously going to argue for the artistry of my profession, but we can see exciting “new art” all over the internet-shop in design, animation and film.

Er, I’ll get my coat now.

Virgil Realty

Not wanting to be typically cynical for the Second Life seminar we had this week, I still found it hard to change the ingrained mindset of a lifetime. I take it there’s some interesting potential for interactive communication, especially in the arts and popular media, but it can’t hide the fact that most of the people using this have a crapload of time on their hands, money to burn, some issues with their own sexuality and probably the need to step out the door.

Here’s something I dredged up from the Velocity archives from Velocity 6, published way back in ’96 when all this was in it’s infancy. If they could see us now, Ma.

© 1996 Gary & Warren Pleece

MA Digital Media Arts

One of the things I’m hoping to achieve from this course, is a basic understanding of web design and then hopefully a more complex understanding (!) to enhance, improve and explore new avenues in my comic illustration work, in particular, my new on-line series Montague Terrace. I also want to expand my illustrative and storytelling skills, using Flash animation, digital film-making, inter-activity and soundtracks, creating an interesting dynamic environment for a web based publishing platform.

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