Respect Moscow 2012

Back a few weeks now from a great ‘return’ trip to Russia with the lovely people at Respect Comics, this time in Moscow. The artists from the first trip and our Yekaterinburg jaunt all met up for the Kommissia Comics Festival, gave talks and workshops and saw the fruits of our labours printed up and on display.

Also paid impromptu visits to the mini-Bulgakov museum, walked around Gorky’s art nouveau house in felt slippers, saw Lenin and Stalin extolling the free market in Red Square and ate Kasha on the Arbat (just missing Vladdy P doing walkabout and mixing it up with the common people) by a day or so.

Big bear hug thanks to Anna, Olga, Heehus, Nastia, Sergei, Wolf and all other fellow Russian and European Respect artists and organisers who made it such a great trip. Большое спасибо!

Here’s a few random photos…


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