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All this weekend, I’m opening up my studio as part of The Phoenix’s Open Studios and the Brighton Festival Fringe. Come see artwork from Montague Terrace, Alby Figgs, The Great Unwashed, DC Vertigo titles, Doctor Who, Zom-B and loads more. And don’t forget to check out all five floors of the amazing artist’s studio spaces and the current exhibitions on the ground floor while you’re at it.

My studio is 1N2 on the first floor near the office.



Phoenix is located in Brighton at 10–14 Waterloo Place
Brighton BN2 9NB, and the studios are open from 11-5, Saturday and Sunday. More details here.


Deadenders resuscitated

















I’m very chuffed that DC Vertigo has finally brought together all 16 episodes of Deadenders into one big collected graphic novel, 11 years after it finished its monthly run. The first 4 issues were originally collected in “Deadenders: Stealing the Sun” some years back and there’s been a couple of foreign language compilations, particularly in Spanish, that have collected the whole run, but thanks to some persistence from Ed Brubaker, it’s finally made it into one big bumper edition in time for summer fun reading on the out of bounds beach.

It comes complete with all of Philip Bond‘s originally luverly covers and also includes the Vertigo Winters Edge short not originally part of the monthly series.

On sale May 16th!






















As from today in the US, Incognegro is now available in paperback at all good bookshops, comic stores and online at Amazon and on sale in the UK from the 26th of June at Amazon UK. If you haven’t had a chance to check it out yet, here’s a snippet of what the press has had to say so far

“Smart and fast-paced.”

“Well worth the price of admission.”

“Don’t miss it!”
—Cornell West

“A flawlessly paced, rich, dense thriller…a chilling social document and a layered, effortlessly entertaining mediation on identity and self-fashioning.”


“Engrossing… Proudly exemplifies the graphic novel.”


“Fuses bluesy, gutbucket noir with postmodern notions about the pliability of personal identity.”


and a link to the DC Vertigo page.